How Can You Protect The Carpet In Your Rental Home?

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No doubt rental home comes with many benefits. But there are certain drawbacks, among them, cleaning and maintaining carpet floors are included. However, professional Carpet Cleaning Canterbury suggests that knowing precise ways of maintaining can help protect, extend the life of carpet floor, and save money. So, today we will look at some common issues and how to protect the rental home carpet.

The Common Reason For Rental Home Carpet Deterioration

What caused your rental carpet to deteriorate? Understanding common issues will prevent unnecessary damage. 

Pets in home: having pets as a part of the family brings a lot of joy but sometimes headaches. Pet damage can be tenant’s and property owner’s worst nightmare. They chew the carpet, urinate anywhere, leaving stains behind, shed skin and hair everywhere.

Lack Of Cleaning Practices: lack of cleaning aid in the deterioration of rental carpet. For example, if you delay vacuuming, allow liquid to stay long for carpet, etc. However, not hiring professional carpet cleaning Canterbury services can make the matter even worse.

No House Rules: a standard rule to leave shoes at the door when entering the home will prevent dirt, grime, and mud from the carpet. So, it is vital to understand carpet depreciation usually happens in the lack of carpeted house rules.

 What You Should Do To Protect Carpets In A Rental Home?

Suppose you move in and find a bright color carpet. However, homeowners refused to change it, then knowing how to protect them will be helpful. So let us proceed further to know the best way to protect them:

 Using Rugs Or Mat:

Using rugs to protect the carpet in high traffic areas is an excellent choice. Also, well-placed mats encourage people to wipe debris out. Following these two steps will keep most of the dirt within them and prevent it from coming on the carpet. However, rugs also wear and tear, but it is somehow affordable to deal with them. In addition, mat and rug cleanings are relatively easy and handy.


Regular vacuuming clears most of the dry soil, debris, stains that your rental home carpet holds. However, many property owners provide renters with a vacuum clear if they don’t have it.

Rotate furniture:

 Wooden furniture leaves permanent marks on the carpet. If you regularly rotate furniture, it will help in protecting and prolong the life of the carpet. But be careful while rearranging, don’t drag, use a cloth to protect the carpet.


Protecting carpet may seem like an impossible task, especially when it is a rental property. But it is possible to keep them looking new you just have to keep the above points in mind.